Humanizing Marketing

Why are we creating human connections?

Digital is the primary form of communication today and consumers are expecting to connect with brands in a humanistic way both online and in person. Marketing, especially Digital Marketing, is more than sales, promotions, and website traffic, it’s about connecting one human to another human. When you humanize the way you act, walk, and talk with your ideal audience online, you’ll naturally draw that person to you.

Creating your sustainable human-centered marketing system lets you tap into the:

Power of Your Brand = Human Relationship + Community Impact

By investing in cultivating your community and creating a meaningful customer experience, you are building loyalty with your customers that will allow you to continue expanding your business overall.

How do you build human connections online?

Amplify Your Brand Experience Through 4 Main Phases:
Intentional relationships


Define the unique relationship you’re cultivating with your customers.

creative reflection


Show why people love your brand through compelling content that entertains, educates, or inspires.

engaging conversation


Inspire conversations with your community to build trust and invite others.

adjust and grow


Review your analytics and adjust your marketing strategy as needed to match your business goals.

How can I help you?

My goal is to help you create your brand for the next 100 years

Everything we’re creating together is designed to help you navigate with intention no matter how the algorithm, economy, or society changes. That shows up in two roles:

  • Projector: I help you gain clarity in how you connect & cultivate your community online and in person.
  • Advisor: I help you optimize your human-centered systems so that you and your team can continue to sustain and expand the impact that you are creating.

What you can expect from working with me:

  • A safe space to try courageously and cultivate your community
  • Confidently know how you are cultivating an engaging collaborative relationship with your customers as they move down your marketing funnel
  • Know when to pivot and persevere your strategy and system based on your data
  • Successfully run your own consistent marketing campaigns to:
    • Increase your customer base and community while building engagement, and user-generated content
    • Increase brand awareness through marketing efforts social media, advertising, influencers, PR, and events
    • Increase conversions overall

Let’s Build a Human-Centered System that Fosters Sustainable Creativity

The Success of a Company Hinges on the Human Beings Behind it

So How Do You Implement Your System?

No matter where you start, my goal is to help you implement your Human Centered strategy and build a Human-Centered system that adjusts as your business grows.

Design – Brand Guidebook

If you need clarity on your brand and marketing strategy, we create a Brand Guidebook that is designed to evolve with your brand. It’s the defining compass that allows you to quickly onboard a new team member and retain the wisdom from team members who exit your company.

This includes:

  • Series of 6-8 meetings that build out your Brand Guidebook including:
  • Messaging
  • Brand Voice
  • Ideal Audience
  • Customer Journey
  • Platforms
  • Campaigns
  • Implementation Plan
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Functional and editable Brand Guidebook that will track the evolution of your brand
  • Additional sections on your Human Marketing System can be built in Education or Advising retainers

Advise – Monthly Retainer

Clarity meetings to help you see above the trees and adjust your strategic goals as needed so you’re as efficient as possible. The Monthly Retainer will keep you on track.

This includes:

  • 1-4 strategic clarity meetings per month to review analytics to note any trends you should capitalize on and stay aligned with your larger strategic initiatives.
  • An accountability partner who will keep you motivated and stay on track through unlimited access to emails and/or messaging systems.

Guide – Education Program

If you feel like you can do it on your own but need additional support from someone who can guide you along the way. The Education Program includes designing the Brand Guidebook and then helping you implement and optimize your human-centered system

This includes:

  • 2 meetings per month to strategically optimize your marketing strategy and train your team to implement the campaigns.
  • Knowledge and guidance on how to run your marketing system through a custom-designed operational manual and social media schedule.
  • An expert accountability partner to give feedback to you and your team and help you optimize the campaigns.

Cultivate Your Team – Custom Program

If you’re growing your marketing team and looking to continue cultivating the knowledge and collaboration of your team’s creative innovation without the growing pains. I have a custom program designed for scaling companies to smooth the transition as you onboard new team members and settle new team dynamics.

This can include:

  • Building a custom-designed operational manual that will reduce the learning curve of any new team member.
  • Advise in implementing an accountability mentorship system to continue cultivating the individual team member and their growth within the company.
  • Continued Education Workshops introducing Human-Centered Marketing and Business.
  • Guided collaborative brainstorming sessions with the whole team to define the evolution of the brand.
  • 1 to 1 Advising with members of the team to help them grow