Humanizing Digital Marketing

Why are we creating human connections?

Digital marketing is more than just promotions and web traffic, it’s about connecting one human to another human. When you humanize the way you act, walk, and talk with your ideal audience online, you’ll naturally draw that person to you. By investing in cultivating your online community, you are increasing loyalty with your customers and building the value of your brand and business.

How do you build human connections online?

Amplify What Makes Your Brand Feel Human Online Through 4 Main Phases:
Intentional relationships


Design your digital marketing strategy to reflect the intentional trusting relationship that you are cultivating with your customers.

creative reflection


Create content that reflects why your customers trust, love, and want to support your brand. Remind your customers about the impact that you all want to create in the world.

engaging conversation


Engage with your community & continue conversations about the common mission that gets your customers excited to come back and bring a friend.

adjust and grow


Review your analytics and adjust your online marketing strategy as needed to match the ever-changing algorithm.

How can I help?

My role is to be a projector and instigator.

  • Projector: I help you gain clarity in how you connect & build trust with your audiences online.
  • Instigator: I consult and help optimize your marketing systems so that you and your marketing team can amplify the impact that you are creating.

What you can expect from working with me:

  • A safe space to try courageously and cultivate your online community
  • Confidently know what to say to guide your ideal audience through your funnel
  • Know when to pivot and persevere based on your data
  • Successfully run your own consistent digital marketing campaigns to:
    • Increase social media growth, engagement, and user-generated content
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Increase conversions overall

I help you build an efficient digital marketing wheel to reach your goals through two phases:


Design your social media guidebook that acts as a defining compass while you implement your social media strategy. (Takes 4-6 weeks)



Implement your strategy through a feedback loop to help you achieve your goals and adjust with the ever-changing algorithm.

create, engage, define

So how can I support you?

No matter where you start, my goal is to help you implement the strategy and build a system that adjusts as your business grows. There are a couple ways we can implement these goals:

If you need to build your system – Education Program

If you’re on track to do a large pivot and need to build a system at the same time, it can take a lot of balancing. Learn how to run your own social media and optimize your team through my 6-month Education program.

This includes:

  • 2 meetings per month to stay aligned to your marketing goal and build out your marketing system.
  • Knowledge and guidance on how to run your marketing wheel through a custom-designed operational manual and social media schedule.
  • Expert accountability partner to help you implement it all.

If you need to stay aligned – Monthly Retainer

If you feel like you can deep dive on your own but want to have space to look above the trees. The Monthly Retainer will keep you on track.

This includes:

  • One strategic meeting per month to review analytics to note any trends you should capitalize on and stay aligned to your larger strategic initiatives.
  • Accountability partner who will keep you motivated and stay on track through unlimited access to emails.