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Re-Inventing Agency Success with Shauna Nuckles – Real Talk with Ruoyun


Building an agency has never been easy and with the “Great resignation” or the Great Reset/Re-prioritization all standards are being thrown out of the window. Employees are wanting more flexible utilization rates and owners are hesitant to because it’s directly tied to their profitability. So are you setting yourself up for success or failure? How do you avoid a great resignation moment in your company where you could lose up to 30% of your company? I dive with the amazing Shauna Nuckles, founder of Advocation, and call out the unrealistic standards that we used to live by as an industry and how agency owners can use this time to reset everything. How can we put perfectionism aside as we build the “new normal” together?

About Shauna Nuckles, founder of Advocation

Shauna Nuckles is the founder of Advocation, which provides team training and strategic operations support for PR agencies. She also runs her own boutique firm, supporting the brands and organizations that make our lives healthier. Shauna began her career in journalism, writing for a top daily newspaper. Once she shifted to public relations, though, she found her home within agency life. Starting out packing press kits like so many do, she eventually became number two at an award-winning lifestyle firm and has served as a fractional COO inside multiple others. She’s translated that experience into a proven win-win-win framework for agency owners, employees and the clients they serve to deliver reputation-building results with less stress behind the scenes. In her spare time, you’ll find Shauna taking a yoga class (she’s been practicing for nearly 20 years), supporting local restaurants, adventuring with her partner and two rescue dogs in their hometown of Austin, TX or plotting her next travel experience.

Connect with her at:

  • https://www.instagram.com/shaunanuckles/
  • https://www.advocationsystem.com/

Real Talk With Ruoyun: Real Expectations, Real Standards

For the last 10 years, Digital Marketing Strategist, Ruoyun, (pronounced Ruoyun), has explored how businesses can implement Human-Centered Marketing and Business tactics to further amplify the impact that they’re making in the world. Now, she’s bringing in fellow experts to have real conversations that continue to set real standards in the business world.

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