Humanizing Business

Meet Ruoyun Xu Killian

Human-Centered Marketing and Business Advisor, Ruoyun, is on a mission to put the human experience back into marketing. She believes that if we learn to fundamentally reconnect as human beings within our businesses, we can create space for our society to explore a new common language built for the human species as a whole.

With over 10 years in the Digital Marketing industry, she advises businesses and organizations to implement their sustainable human-centered marketing system so that they can continue to optimize and amplify their impact. She has created space for clients such as BigCommerce, Serenity Kids, Crafty Counter, Slow North, Rebel Cheese, Sertodo Copper, University of Texas Center for Sports Communication and Media & others through her individual work and at C3nami, the digital marketing agency she founded in 2015.

Her passion for empowering individuals and businesses to be their authentic selves online and in-person has given Ruoyun a platform to speak at a variety of organizations and events including Bumble Bizz, St Edward’s University, Concordia University, Catholic University of the West UCO Angers, Austin Community College Fashion Incubator and Macy’s, Creative Meets Business Conference, Texas Women in Business Conference, Women Communicators of Austin, to name a few.

Ruoyun Xu Killian Speaker

Key Notes

Define Your Voice

Digital Marketing is more than when and where you post. It’s about what you post and say to your audience to get them so excited to work with and talk about you. So what do you say that will resound with your audience? In Define Your Voice, Ruoyun will guide you to define your internal compass that decides what type of content you will create to turn your customers into your biggest fans.

Humanize Digital Marketing

Digital has become our primary form of connection in our post-pandemic world. We are being met with a constant array of new technologies to build a bridge between the digital and physical. So how does your brand stay authentic while navigating the ever-changing algorithm? Ruoyun will present how to activate your Digital Human Experience to continue building trust with your customers through Human-Centered Marketing.

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