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The Prism Effect

How well are you connecting with your audience?

Social media is about connecting one human being to another human being. Building deeper human connections is about getting to know the deep shining light inside every person and learning how to help each other. 

Businesses are also living organisms and have a shining light too. So how do you amplify that light forward to build deeper connections with your people?

It’s called the prism effect. 

To build multiple connections with your community, it’s about taking the unique relationship, your light, and shining it through a prism that creates a rainbow effect. This rainbow effect is what you see in marketing today where the brand is everywhere, on social media, ads, website, and each with a resounding message that catches the attention of your audience enough for them to want to investigate and learn more. 

How well your prism and your light is set up will define the impact that you create in this world. 

So how do you create this prism and maintain this prism?

  1. It starts with being confident in yourself.
    1. Inside every business or brand, there is a shining light. This shining light is like an oil lamp, you can choose if you want to dim or brighten this light, this lamp may also have blackened residue from your past. Here’s the little secret: Only you can control if you want to keep this lamp clean and shining brightly. But I can give you a defining compass so you can start feeling confident to do so. In clarity can we discover our confidence. 
  2. Define your voice. What are your intentions in building a relationship with your audience?
    1. Who is the happy human you are talking to?
      1. I’m talking more than just the demographics of your ideal customer. Paint me a picture of this person in your mind. How do they act, walk, and talk? What keeps them up at night with their problem? What would it mean to them if this problem was solved? 
    2. What is the final experience we want that person to have? If we were to solve this problem for them, what does it allow them to be able to do? What is the change that we are creating in the business that we are solving? 
    3. How are we, as a happy human, showing up to build that experience for them.? With the goal above in mind, what are we doing through our business to help them solve that need?
  3. What does your rainbow effect look like? Based on how you define your voice, we can be able to figure out how your rainbow effect will show up. 
    1. Where you would spend your time platform wise to cultivate the best community will be based on who your happy human is.
    2. What type of content you want to create to inspire your audience to work with you will be based on your audience’s desires.
    3. How you choose to show up to help them in the form of your brand voice, aesthetics will be based on the experience that you want to cultivate in your community.

By focusing on your light through this prism, you’ll be able to create the waves of impact that you want to make in this world.

Your digital marketing will be decided based on the nuance in the dance of language and content.

If you’re interested in me helping your build the prism, feel free to learn how I can support you to instigate change.

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