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Business Gifting Ideas

How do you want your brand to show up?

The Holiday Shopping Season has begun! As business owners, we always look to this time of year as a time of gratitude and say thank you to our community. 

What better way to say thank you to your customers by supporting a fellow business owner? It’s super easy to default to going to Amazon and finding a quick and easy gift but what if you’ve got a chance to incorporate your brand while supporting your local community. 

Giving a special gift can be a great way to appreciate clients, referral partners, and team members. When we’ve all been working really hard all year, it’s nice to show a little bit of appreciation. This isn’t about giving a discount to your service or product, it’s about appreciating your community without any strings attached. 

Some thoughts when choosing the best gift: 

  • Do you want your brand to be included in it? You can have fun with the gift-giving and still tie it to your brand such as incorporating the colors of your brand into a custom-designed holiday card.
  • How personalized do you want it to be? If you have a small enough team, you can allot a budget and let them pick and choose from a list of brands or ask other team members to help you pick the gift. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked into a store and group text away with the team to pick a surprise gift for a team member. 
  • What is the intention behind the gift? This ties back to your values, a simple card that is handwritten can speak volumes to show your brand by creating a personal touch. For example, I’ve bought the team intentional bath bombs and it was a fun way for them to relax and be intentional of their new year because we care about growing the happy humans around us. 

Here are some of my favorite brands that are creating opportunities for businesses to say thank you with their brand. 

  • If you want a gift customized to your brand:
    • Desk Plant – Their corporate gifting program lets you customize your logo in a non-invasive way and lets your employees feel happy as they’re working. 
    • Sertodo Copper – Handmade copper items that you can customize with a saying or your logo is great for both companies and as a special gift in your personal life. 
    • Maggie Louise Confections – Who doesn’t love chocolate? Now get it with your custom branding
  • If you want to personalize to your person’s needs:
    • Slow North’s care packages have the fan favorites of their products and great if you are looking for a way to be intentional in what you hope to gift someone.
    • Bon Vivant Gift Boxes and their Austin gift box lets you share a little bit of Austin.
    • Looking to support a meaningful cause? Check out Because Minded‘s gift boxes offer products coming from brands that give 50% or more to a nonprofit.
  • Intentional giving can be aligned to if you want to help them grow, zen out, or just feel happy with good food.
    • Cheese Trays anyone? I personally love Antonelli’s Cheese Shop and for those that are lactose intolerant, there are vegan cheeses from Rebel Cheese.
    • If you have someone who needs a little bit more zen to their space? Joy Water from Beverly Beihl helps cleanse your space so you can be focused and joyful.
    • Sometimes it’s not the present that matters but the act of gifting. If you’d rather focus more on intentionally supporting your community this year check out In Lieu where you can donate in their honor to a nonprofit of their choice instead of gifting a gift.

Regardless of what you decide to do, it’s all about the act of gifting and showing that person that you appreciate their support for you over this year. 

Happy Holidays and hope you have fun this holiday shopping season!

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