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Growing from a Culture Crisis with Ashley Connell & Kimberly Culbertson – Real Talk with Ruoyun

The Great Resignation isn’t about a worker shortage but it’s a re-prioritization on what matters. Remote work allowed people to realize that they were more productive at home because they didn’t realize how toxic or distracting their workplace was. So how do business owners rise up to the challenge to make sure they keep their team and create an environment where they can thrive? We hear from two sides of the equation Ashley Connell, owner of Prowess Project for recruiting, and Kimberly, of Kimberly and Coach for Team Dynamics. We unfurl the onion that is human culture from what is a Hostile vs Toxic environment, how seemingly separate moments of friction can create a chasm of a toxic culture. We get really vulnerable on how leaders can show up and do the tough work of growth together with their team and learn how to build a strong feedback loop that factors in the whole human, not just the transactional task that they do.

Ashley Connell, CEO, and Founder of Prowess Project is one part fearless entrepreneur, one part fearless women’s advocate landing her thought leadership pieces in Forbes, Built-in Austin, and at SXSW. For the first 15 years of her career, she was an award-winning tech marketer in both Austin and London. Ashley’s unstoppable drive to have both a career and time for family motivated her to start Prowess. Now she’s committed to changing the lives of overloaded employers, women seeking rewarding work, and doing all she can to close the gender gap. In her pretty much non-existent spare time, she enjoys yoga, walks with her bulldog, cheering on her beloved Longhorns, and spaghetti and meatballs.

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Kimberly Culbertson, Kimberly and Coach

As one half of Kimberly & Coach, Kimberly helps clients to lead authentically, maximize their teams, and create an empowering culture in order to reach beyond the good to the extraordinary. Decades of leadership experience in publishing, non-profit, and corporate training have taught her a thing or two about how teams function, and these days she’s leveraging that knowledge on behalf of leaders who are looking to release the full power of their teams. She uses tools like Strengthsfinder, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and MPACT to map a team and help them to curate an environment that expresses value, appreciates diversity, and harnesses collective intelligence. When she’s not coaching and consulting, Kimberly enjoys speaking and training, and has been featured at TEDx, Ignite, Small Business Festival, Freelance Conference, Exponential, 5Q, and Vox Veniae, as well workshops and retreats for numerous businesses.

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